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Love the device and results. Just a little pricey for my frugal nature.

Monica G
Dec 03, 2018

I love being able to go outside without the worry of pesky bites. And, if I ever had a problem I simply called and it was remedied immediately. Great service!

Joanne R
Dec 01, 2018

Brian and I truly appreciate Matt's help in making our wedding bug-free!!! The process was very easy and communication was great. Matt called, as promised, before he arrived for the treatment appointment and worked well with the venue to complete the process. Thank you again!!!

Erin S
Nov 13, 2018

Great service and always helpful educational information about treating for unwanted insects.

Kat C
Oct 27, 2018

Normally we get a bunch of gnats on our screen door this time of year. This year ... none.

Ron W
Oct 20, 2018

I thought it was great but I still got bitten. That said, my husband did not. Our situation caused us to unlock a gate each time, so that was annoying but that’s also on us. Thought it was great but pricey.

Katie A
Oct 19, 2018

I would like a closer window on my spray time since I have dogs.

Jessica M
Oct 17, 2018

The only thing that was difficult was the email notification. I don't always get to look at my emails in time for the service and we need our gate unlocked. I wonder if you could text me instead?

Beth W
Oct 15, 2018

A great service team, very courteous and friendly. Never failed to leave notice of day and time they had been there to service our yard. The best part, the grandkids never complained of mosquito bites all summer 🤗.

Susan B
Oct 14, 2018

I appreciated your flexibility to spray around an upcoming party

Martha (
Oct 09, 2018