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Our gravel lot at our wood shop had a bad flea infestation and we really needed the big guns. Mosquito Joe did not disappoint us! Their thorough treatment of our lot removed the fleas, just like they said, within a few weeks. I heartily recommend the pros at Mosquito Joe!

Sep 27, 2022

We were very pleased with our experience with Mosquito Joe! Customer service was top notch and we had no issues with mosquitos at our outdoor concert. Highly recommend!

Sep 15, 2022

Sep 01, 2022

Aug 31, 2022

Vanita Pacheco
Aug 18, 2022

The people that work at and own this business are genuine and caring people. They have and always go above and beyond to battle the things you need done . They stop at nothing to figure out what works and what doesn't in your surroundings I've even called them after hours and left messages and they call me back. Everyone who works there is educated in this field. If it weren't for Mosquito Joe's my husband would not be able to be outside sitting or working without spraying bug spray all over him. It is truly a blessing for us to be able to be outside, have our grandkids play in the yard and not get bit and have gatherings where we don't have to have others worry about getting bit . They have definitely made outside fun again for us .I can't imagine our lives without them now. Thank you to all of you in the Mosquito Joe's family!! Blessings, Julie

Jul 27, 2022

Jul 19, 2022

Great customer service! I called to inquire about the special and was told step by step about the services and what to expect. I will continue to use them this summer!

Jul 06, 2022

Have yet to see any mosquitoes around our area. We like to sit on our back deck, and have yet to receive a bite!

Jul 04, 2022

Jun 06, 2022